once i stepped my foot here…

at last! haha.. after a hard waitng for almost 4 years, here’s the moment for me to finally stepped me foot here; being a real UM student! haha.. sounds like a-long-awaited freedom meyh? 🙂 actually, being here means a lot to me. adapting to the environments; the people, including my new kind hearted lecturers in my faculty of edu, makes me ponder on how lucky i was to be part of this tesl family. ok. enough of mumbling around. 🙂

my very first day in this ict class, umm… can be said like i’m litle bit nervous myself as i am a kind of student who rarely use pc for the academic purposes. having to create a group which are meant for the educational purposes do makes me to take some time to ponder around, thinking about things to do and etc. 🙂 however, after i have completed several necessary steps in setting up myself here in this ict course, it is not as hard as i think actually.

looking forward for some new things over the horizon, i’ll make myself adaptable to this kind of learning style. apart of learning thru books and papers before this, i think it is kinda fun for me, to try and to test, this new method while i study here 🙂


syafizee sabri (left)


~ by syafizee on July 14, 2009.

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