reflection week 2

basiclly, in week two, which i found quite interesting for me… the implimentation and the use of ict are being elaborated more with the introduction of the 14 important principles. reflecting this learning experience with my own, i do think that the use of ict must be implimented, but with the enough supports from the school itself. it is kind of a waste if we are being told, being taught about ict, if we cant really use and implimented the learned skills at the school, later? in our promising career of being a teacher?

i do believe that these 14 principles has given me some impacts in my life as teacher. 🙂 and as the weeks pass by… i do hope, there will be some space for me to sharpen my understanding and my skills in using the ict as one of the useful teaching tools in my class… 🙂

p/s : workin on the videos assigned to us!:)

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~ by syafizee on July 22, 2009.

One Response to “reflection week 2”

  1. Glad that you appreciate the 14 prinicples. Keep it close to your heart and always remember to use it in your future teaching adventure. RM

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