ideal classroom..

both my parent are teachers; teaching in secondary and primary school for almost 25 years. and after making a long phone call, i managed to ask for their opinion on what the ideal classroom was… 🙂

in making one classroom to meet its functions, i basic and simple rules must be in mind of the teacher; classroom control, managed the student well, dont use force towards the student, be tolerable; and punish when necessary. i would’t talk much about these sentences but i do have in mind that becoming a functional teacher requires lots of ongoing efforts. and personally i think, the utmost of all these is the classroom control. if i’m goin to be given a class for me to manage it, the number of students is one important thing that i would look into. for me, class is still be controllable if the number of students enrollment is still below 35.. why? this is simple.. too many student will be a headache for the teacher to control.. and the attention will not be spread evenly.. in class also, the -house-rules should be implied. make the student to respect the teacher; be their best friend, and at the same time, be their feared grandma.. that will be simple. treat them will attention and love. 🙂

t.b. continued…


~ by syafizee on October 14, 2009.

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