reflection on those days at school… :)

2 smart

Reflecting back on my teaching practice bring lots of memories to me; sad, happy, dizzy, fun, and etc. sad, because i have to leave my 2 Smart pupils at the end of my teaching practice, happy, because i left the school with a smile, smile that my pupils do learn something, and the teachers there accept my humble ‘service’ with a good and warm welcome. dizzy, because i have to go through traffic jams everyday; @ 6.30 in the morning and 2.30 pm because my school, the SK Bandar Tun Razak 1 was quite a distance from my humble ‘hut’ at old klang road. be at the last, fun. fun because teaching practice experience do taught me a lot to become the real me. future teacher to be.

well, for the teaching in my class, the use of ict can be said has been carried out moderately… why? one of the reasons is because that particular class that i taught them english and science just replaced their ‘old projector’; after being accidently being abused by a piece of a broomstick that my pupils use to make a little ‘combat’ among themselves during the BM period.

ok, ermm.. for the ict features, i admit that using power point is the best and the cheapest way to grab the pupils’ attention. to my personal experience, pupils do enjoy the cartoon that i use during my pre teaching as they can actually copy the movement made by the cartoon, as the example while i teach them about verbs and adverbs.

obstacles? everyone seems to have it when it comes to the intention of using ICT in the classroom. for me, some of the obstacles are the lack of qualified teacher that can  handles and repair some of the minor problems with the ict apparatus such as the lcd and the laptops, and the pupils themselves always shown their over excitement by breaking the ICT facilities in their classroom


~ by syafizee on January 9, 2011.

2 Responses to “reflection on those days at school… :)”

  1. Congrattzz Fizee. seemed like you had a great quality time with your pupils and you enjoyed it as well as me. about the ICT facilities, i cant really comment on that because it happens to most schools in our country and i cant blame any party for that. I do agree that the use of powerpoint presentation is the best way to teach because usually, pupils will get to focus on the knowledge and i used that as well. the “cartoon” part which you implemented was also a freat effort as they will be attracted to it while learning. i must say that it is your strength (unlike me who are not really good in arts. huhuhuhu)…

    one thing from me. most people would say that ICT is connected to computers. what say you? maybe you can give some ideas to share with me…=)

    • thanks phi_aen.. i think, sumtimes those problem cant be helped or avoided.. we as teachers can only try to make the teaching and learning to be fun to our pupils, with or without the proper ict equipments…

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