top ten wish list for a successful ict implimentations at school

here are my listings for a successful ICT implementation at school…

1. choose teachers / educators that are familiar with the current and the latest   knowledge in ICT.

(teachers need to made themselves well prepared with the knowledge and ability to use ICT in the classroom)

2. make sure that the particular school have the fully equipped infrastructure to conduct teaching and learning using ICT eg LCD, laptops, Smart boards

(ICT infrastructure is a must if the teaching and learning are to be conducted successfully. even a small computer lab will made the difference to the pupils learning through ict)

3. a controlled internet access (so that the pupils didnt mis use it )

(pupils have high tendencies to go beyond what the teacher asked them to to if no proper supervision is provided. we dont want those student/ pupils to access the inappropriate content not meant for them to be viewed)

4. some textbook being reverted to an e-text book

(the use of online software, course ware, or CD equipped in the traditional text book)

5. regular checkups on the ict features at school, eg monthly checkups by qualified computer technician.

(one of the reason why we still have problems implementing the use of ict in schools is this; many ICT equipments always broke down due to low maintanance that it should get. to add more to the case, some teachers at school act as if they are qualified technician, make the broken things to become worse than before)

6. constant campaign on using the ict features

7. give credits or extra marks for those pupils who interact with their teacher/ tutors using ict mechanism such as email, or instant messaging

8. awareness program or workshop on new inventions in ict

9. connect the pupils’ parent with school with the online monitoring program about the progress of the pupils at school, eg, exam result, monthly report cards

10. close the gaps between rural and town areas by expanding the internet availability nationwide


~ by syafizee on January 16, 2011.

12 Responses to “top ten wish list for a successful ict implimentations at school”

  1. hye syafizee. it is a great pleasure to read your entry about how to implement technology in classroom. for me, those ideas could benefits both side; teacher n students. i am very agree on the idea of choosing the expert teacher to handle ICT classroom because, we could avoid the destruction of the student’s mind. good entry man. keep it up!

    • thank you for your time.. i do agree that teachers should know how to handle those equipments or else the real intentions of using those ict equipments will be abused; time would be wasted and pupils learn nothing from it. do keep following my entries ya.. thanks again .. \(‘-‘ ) /

  2. Hey Fizee! Nice wish list I must say! 🙂

    I agree! –> “a controlled internet access (so that the pupils didnt mis use it )” So, the administrators should do something to the settings to ensure the students are protected from immoral or noneducational websites on the net. It doesn’t mean that students shouldn’t be given rights to seek for entertainment. They can but if possible this element should be kept to the minimum because education is or should be the utmost priority in school.

    • yup. i prefer a controlled internet access because there has been cases where the pupils misusing it to search for immoral / pornographic pictures. to add the worse to the case, the pupils tend to easily get away from it due to the incompetence of the teacher itself in ICT, having failed to monitor the pupils’ activities via the main computer while the teaching and learning process was conducted.

  3. such an informative entry. well done Mr Fizee 😉

    point num 3 is indeed very important. 🙂 . expect the unexpected when dealing with children nowadays, they learn fast.

    teachers do need to equip themselves with the latest info and knowledge regarding tech esp the one which encourage the use of ICT in teaching and learning. just google, and you shall find everything you need. well, almost evrything perhaps ;P

    p/s : great entry. keep it up!

    • point num 3 was indeed very important, as i mentioned before, we also want the pupils to have a high standard of morality that goes with their level of success in exploring the world via online technologies. 🙂

  4. 3. a controlled internet access (so that the pupils didnt mis use it )
    for teachers as well?

  5. Hi Syafizee, I can see you have good points there. About point #1, I agree that it’s neccesary just to choose teachers with the latest knowledge and skills in ICT. In my opinion, it could be a waste of money to train teachers who aren’t familiar with ICT. It needs lots of time to train them to become “ICT proficient” and more time of conducting courses=more money. Moreover, it requires their motivation and good attitude to succeed. Without those important ingredients, meals won’t be as tasty

  6. Hi Fizee, its nice to read your post. i support your point where you wish to have controlled internet access. it is IMPORTANT to have that. but in today’s world, there are many ways to ‘unlock’ the ‘controlled one”. one of it is by using proxy. there is no guarantee to say that those children would not discover about it. they are generation Y right. so it is possible. what do you think?

    • yup. that’s why besides teaching the pupils by using those ict features, we as teacher also have to instill the sense of responsibility and the high moral standards to our pupils.

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