understanding tpack….

Welcome back! Hee.. how do you do today? Are you all alright ? enjoying your weekend? Ok, let us go to the main discussion of this week, understanding t-pack and how i eventually use the features of tpack to enhance my teaching and learning process… basically, we can refer tpack as shown in the diagram below…

Ok, so this is how it works; by refering to the above diagram, the use of ict features in the teaching and learning process can be seen as an effective ways in enhancing the pupils’ moods in receiving the knowledge given. These pupils, or in other word, my pupils, in school do enjoy activities which incorperate the  use of ict, like powerpoint and the use of videos in the teaching. As they always craved for things which they thought would give some challenge to them, here i would like to give an example of my lesson plan which i used in class, incorperating the use of tpack…


Subject                          : English Language.                  Date : 19 July 2010

Class                               : 2 Smart

Enrolment                   : 35 pupils.

Time                              : 7.40 – 8.40 a.m.

Theme                          : World of knowledge

Topic                             : In the garden

Focussed Skills          : Reading

Integrated Skills       : Speaking and Writing

Previous Knowledge    : Pupils are familiar with simple present tense.

Learning Outcome        : 1.5.2 understanding the meaning of text by answering   comprehension questions

4.2.1 find the hidden words based on picture ques given

Curriculum Specifications            : Students should be able to:

1.2.1 Listen to and repeat the pronunciation of 2-syllable words.

3.4.1 read aloud words and phrases

Behavioural Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

a.       Name the pictures of flowers and insects being shown to them.

b.      Learn at least 3 new words, example : feelers, wings, thorns.

Language Focus                               : nouns —- bees, orchids, leaves, grasshopper.

Educational Emphases  : Moral Values    : appreciating the nature.

Teaching Aids                                   : power point presentation , white board

Anticipated Problems                   : Students may have problems in pronouncing some words like feelers, leaves etc (new vocab).


first, i show them a picture in power point, using lcd, in which they have to guess about the topic that they are going to learn for that day (in the garden)..

after making them to guess and to name the things in the pictures, i began to shown them a set of pictures about insects, where i label the part of each of the insects shown..

“can you see the ‘antenna’? that antenna is called.. f.e.e.l.e.r.s….

after i have given them the explanation by using the powerpoint slides, i give them a game, in which they have to find the hidden words based on the pictures being shown to them on the lcd screen…

interpreting the idea of using tpack…

– the use of tpack features do makes the pupils to enjoy the learning because they can actually skipped the traditional ways of talk and chalk learning method

– vivid colours on pictures being shown will eventually motivates them better in learning the topic, thus increasing their self believes in completing tasks given like find the hidden words.

– tpack, by using the features of videos can actually made the pupils, especially in primary school to appreciate more on the topic that they learn as they get the chance to see the movements in the videos; not just merely a unmoving pictures..

– pedagogical knowledge are made easy with the use of powerpoint slides to deliver the knowledge as some  of the things in life are hard to be describe in words, like the air, or certain concepts in science..





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