k.e.r.p.o.o.f. (not karipap)


On my way back here to um from perlis for the CNY holiday, i realized that i have a homework in which i havent’ completed yet! Yup! An entry in which this entry, as i wrote here, might catches our interest on how far can we go teaching our pupils later at school with fun and enjoyable activities…

OK, now let us forget about our old methods of chalk and talk teaching, as i introduce you all with this…..


(Heheh… spell it right, ker… poof..)

Ok, so what is kerpoof actually? Is it an online chatting? A forum? A blog? Well, kerpoof which is managed by Walt Disney is a simple online program with THESE benefits; it enables you and your pupils to….

  • Create a funny, colourful short movie
  • Draw and create a picture based on given characters
  • Spell words according to the given letters
  • Create a comic and many more!!

the advantages of using kerpoof.com

actually, there are many advantages of using this particular online program. as you can see, if you guys open the applications, the pupils will surely love it! look at the colourful pictures! look at those awesome characters if the pupils are to design their own comic! look at those expressive arts that your pupils are capable of, as they are given the chance to try those features.. simply said, there are too many advantages to be listed…


well, for the application itself, nothing much can be complain about, as the main disadvantage of the application is IT NEEDS INTERNET connection, in which not all the school have and could even afford it..

Ok, now can you get the idea guys? If you want to experience yourself about the features of this application, here’s the link for you http://www.kerpoof.com


~ by syafizee on February 7, 2011.

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