Hi, peace to all… we meet again in this week where the discussion will mainly talks about how we as teachers can try something new in our teaching, a method that we tend not to focus at. Wanna know whats awaits for this week? Stay tuned….

“remembering the past will surely give us some good moment, a feeling of young spirit”

-malcom glazer, businessman-

Learning nowadays aren’t all about chalk and talk nor spoon fed. The horizons are widen and there are more to integrate each day in making teaching and learning more appealing, functional and most important, able to reveal the talents each student has. So, what is the connection between the quotation up above the statement here?

Introduction of ICT in teaching and learning has been the ‘breaking point’ in 21st century education. Students are exposed to a new environment in which their skills and knowledge are put into its optimum use.

Back then, there were parents, even now, there are parents who tend to restrict their child from playing video games in which they think have negative effects towards the child’s development. Well, think again. Still thinking hard?

If one can learn Japanese just through playing video games which requires him to understand the words in Japanese, why not we make this applicable in learning English?

Find a suitable game, innovate, plan, and integrate. Four simple steps- remarkable outcomes.



Overview of the game

Digimon world 3

Digimon World series was first introduced in 2002 and Digimon World 3 is the third instalment of this famous series. This game is fashioned by Bandai for the Playstation and and pc.

As you logged in, your character will be set to a child named Junior who enters an online virtual reality called “digimon online”. Once you’ve arrived, you and your friends will be trapped inside the game by a terrorist.

Later, after the terrorist announcement, you will be asked again to make a decision in picking up your digimons as your partners to brace yourself into the wild world of digital world. Here, the stage by stage target and accomplishment of the game will be told.



Activities during this lesson:

Completing this game requires students to be quite proficient in English language as they shall need the language  knowledge in order to understand the storyline. The language used is quite simple as this game is meant for children between the age of 10 to 16.

For this particular purpose, this lesson is designed for year 5 intermediate to advance learners. These are the suggested activities that can be integrated with the playing of the game digimon world 3:

  1. Play the game. Students will be given at most 2 days to complete the first stage. (This game will be played stage by stage)
  2. Share experience (orally). After completing the first stage, teacher will conduct one session where students are required to share their experience while encountering the first stage. They are expected to include such elements:

–          Types of Digimons they have chosen. (varies according to packs chosen)

–          Why they chose the Digimons – state the characteristics as well as advantage and disadvantage. (The characteristics of each Digimon are stated in the game)

–          What did they encounter in stage 1. (e.g. who has they defeated)

  1. Write a summary. Students are required to write a summary of around 60 words for each stage. In addition to the storyline, they are also expected to include types of Digimon they have chosen for each stage, the advantage and disadvantage as well as comparisons between each Digimon.


Lesson Plan.

Title of Lesson : digimon; my story

Year : Year 5- Intermediate – Advance

Estimated Lesson Time : 2 –3 days

Concept overview Students are required to play “Digimon World 3” stage by stage. After completing each stage, students will have to share their experience in encountering the first stage. (Orally and in written form)


Subject Area(s) Adressed English – Speaking and Writing


Standards and Objectives 2.3.3 Talk about things heard, seen or read.

2.3.6 Take part in teacher-guided discussions.

4.4.3 Construct simple paragraphs that contain main ideas and supporting details.


Learning Objectives By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:

  • tell their experiences throughout the game in simple language.
  • name the character they have chosen.
  • tell the advantages and disadvantages of choosing each character.
  • write their experiences and characters chosen in a form of summary.


Materials Computer with ‘Digimon World 3’ installed

Task sheet 1 (Table and open-ended question: Answer after completing each stage.)

Task sheet 2 (brief description of their experience)



  • Teacher displays a short video on a battle between 2 digimons.
  • Teacher poses a few questions based on the video.
  • Students are to share their opinions.







The discussion is to activate their schemata

During/EXPLORE (during each gaming session

  • Teacher gives each student task sheet 1.
  • Students play the game.
  • Students complete task sheet 1 after they have completed the first stage.




Task sheet 1 is to guide students in selecting important information to be used in the next steps.


Part I

(each time after gaming session ended or after each day)

  • Teacher conducts an ‘interview’ session with students.
  • Students share their experiences in completing the first stage.
  • Teacher asks about the settings, characters and their favourite digimon.
  • Students share their opinions upon the selected character and basically tell about the characteristics of the digimon.
  • Teacher guides students and give feedbacks.

Part II

(after each stage)

  • Students are to write a summary for the stage. (around 60 words)
  • Students hand in task sheet 1 and 2.


Part I


Part I is meant for students to share their experience, views and make critiques based on what they have encountered in each stage.


Experience may differ as each digimon has its own settings and outcomes.


Teacher guides the session to make it more effective.

Part II

Students write their experience (storyline), their selected digimon and its strengths and weaknesses.

Assessment Teacher assesses the students based on their speaking and writing skills displayed through Explore and Elaborate stages.


Speaking: Sharing experience orally in part I.


Writing: Task sheet 1 and 2.



Task sheets


Task sheet 1

Fill in the table below.

Stage: ______________


Type of Digimon Strengths Weaknesses

2. Why do you choose the digimon?

3. Who have you defeated in this stage?




Task sheet 2

Write a simple summary of you experience in completing the stage. Your summary should be around 60 words.

Points to consider:

-challenges that you overcome.

-the name of your selected digimon and its characteristics as well as strengths and weaknesses.







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  1. such a brilliant idea. 🙂 never thought that a game can also be part of teaching and learning materials.
    but, do you have any idea on how can i make this kind of learning applicable for the low achievers?

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