who wants to be a millionaire… (it a general question, thou) :P

it’s quite a catchy words, dont they? 🙂 millionaire.. who didnt want to become one? is there any one? hehe.. but today, the title above does not have any connections with earning the money. soryy you guys, hee, as the tittle above describe best about our last week’s game entitled “who wants to be a millionaire”..

after the game has been presented last week, feed backs and comments were safely received in our hands, and having to write a reflection based on the game that we have presented, i will start off with telling the process of creating it first…

so, how important the concept here? well, at the beginning of the process of getting the game to be ready; based on the template given, the ideas starts pouring in our group. some suggests that we use ‘culture’ as the main theme and focus in producing the game, for example, general cultures about food, flags, traditional clothes and etc. other ideas do come also, as some suggests that we use the ‘animal’ theme, and etc. after having a talk for sometime, we as group decided that the theme of animal can be used, with a proper process of making and transforming the theme into a reading activity; the pupils have to read first in order to play / answer the game that we have prepared..

ok, basically, after having presented the game to the class, many positive yet inspiring comments have been safely taken into consideration for our future adaptations / preparation if we are to develop a new game again. first of all, the size of the fonts that we used in the game are somehow small; making it a little bit difficult if the pupils wanna play the game. the second one is the choice of colors that we choose was somehow ‘too’ bright, and there was another comments that we received that told us, not to change the format of the game, as we converted our presentation to be played in ‘flash’ player…


~ by syafizee on March 1, 2011.

One Response to “who wants to be a millionaire… (it a general question, thou) :P”

  1. Hey fizee, very well reflected post. I have to agree with you that the process of adapting this game is important. Not only that, I think you have done a good job in reflecting on your feedbacks given by the other groups. However, I would like to ask do you think the feedbacks given by your friends were useful for you?

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