journey… completing A03 assignment… :)

The journey of completing the assignments A03

As we as a group received the assignment, we had gathered and chosen the parts that we are going to do. For me, i chose the part 3, emaing to say School 3; a school which only have the computer lab and no ict facilities in the classroom. Eventhough if we are to think rationally about the school, in which almost all the school in peninsular malaysia has been equipped with the ict features in the classroom to enable the teaching and learning by using the ict features, i took this school as an example of the ‘left-behind’ school.

Ok, now, lets move on to the process of preparing the lesson for the pupils in that school. As i had chosen school 3, the pupils are the Year 5 pupils with the topic of “animals around us”, a topic of in which full of possiblities for me to integrate the ICT features; IF the school is well equipped with the ICT tools, but not this particular school.

Stage 1

Identifiying the topic to be taught to the pupils

–          In this stage, I focus my lesson to teach the collective nouns; collective here in which have the same characteristics between the nouns in that group, example a monkey is one single noun, collective noun can be seen as a troops of monkeys.

–          After selecting the topic to be taught, now is the process to design a lesson plan, not an ordinary one as this lesson have to integrate the use of ICT, whether in pre, while or post stage of the lesson. Having been introduced to the features, i personally choose this features to be integrated in the lesson


Stage 2

–          Desinging the original lesson is what i do during the second stage here. Having a backup lesson plan is always an ideal move as we cant really rely on just one lesson plan only; having learned my lesson before in the teaching practice as the school accidently running out of electricity

–          Embedding the ict features being offered by into the lesson plan is quite a job to, as it has to be synchronised with the activities meant for the pupils to do after the lesson


Stage 3

–          The final stage where all the features are re-checked to see and to test its functionality along with its suitability with the pupils to do and to use them.



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