reflection on those days at school… :)

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2 smart

Reflecting back on my teaching practice bring lots of memories to me; sad, happy, dizzy, fun, and etc. sad, because i have to leave my 2 Smart pupils at the end of my teaching practice, happy, because i left the school with a smile, smile that my pupils do learn something, and the teachers there accept my humble ‘service’ with a good and warm welcome. dizzy, because i have to go through traffic jams everyday; @ 6.30 in the morning and 2.30 pm because my school, the SK Bandar Tun Razak 1 was quite a distance from my humble ‘hut’ at old klang road. be at the last, fun. fun because teaching practice experience do taught me a lot to become the real me. future teacher to be.

well, for the teaching in my class, the use of ict can be said has been carried out moderately… why? one of the reasons is because that particular class that i taught them english and science just replaced their ‘old projector’; after being accidently being abused by a piece of a broomstick that my pupils use to make a little ‘combat’ among themselves during the BM period.

ok, ermm.. for the ict features, i admit that using power point is the best and the cheapest way to grab the pupils’ attention. to my personal experience, pupils do enjoy the cartoon that i use during my pre teaching as they can actually copy the movement made by the cartoon, as the example while i teach them about verbs and adverbs.

obstacles? everyone seems to have it when it comes to the intention of using ICT in the classroom. for me, some of the obstacles are the lack of qualified teacher that canΒ  handles and repair some of the minor problems with the ict apparatus such as the lcd and the laptops, and the pupils themselves always shown their over excitement by breaking the ICT facilities in their classroom


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ouh.. i went to class againn….:P (instead of teaching at school)

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re-upgrading the new blog. heheh. may take some time as i have to re-adapt the new features in word press….

testing… testing….

new semester.. everything seems new to me; making myself to ‘touch’ the keyboard again seems a lilttle bit hard at the beginning as i am not a techno savvy person. well, lets us embrace the course and see whats awaits at the end of the course ya… πŸ™‚

Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

ideal classroom..

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both my parent are teachers; teaching in secondary and primary school for almost 25 years. and after making a long phone call, i managed to ask for their opinion on what the ideal classroom was… πŸ™‚

in making one classroom to meet its functions, i basic and simple rules must be in mind of the teacher; classroom control, managed the student well, dont use force towards the student, be tolerable; and punish when necessary. i would’t talk much about these sentences but i do have in mind that becoming a functional teacher requires lots of ongoing efforts. and personally i think, the utmost of all these is the classroom control. if i’m goin to be given a class for me to manage it, the number of students is one important thing that i would look into. for me, class is still be controllable if the number of students enrollment is still below 35.. why? this is simple.. too many student will be a headache for the teacher to control.. and the attention will not be spread evenly.. in class also, the -house-rules should be implied. make the student to respect the teacher; be their best friend, and at the same time, be their feared grandma.. that will be simple. treat them will attention and love. πŸ™‚

t.b. continued…

the video product is OUT NOW!! :)

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having been given 1 month, (plus minus) to complete the video do make us the designers of the video, sufficient time for us to recapture, re edit, and rearrange the video based on the comments that we received after the blueprint of the video were posted in the youtube online video channel. comments have been received and the given feedback are taken into serious account from us. personally, for the video that i had produced, only little changes takes place… πŸ™‚ and in rushing up to the due date to ‘release’ the video to the public, we as group managed to complete out brochure, heheh, done at the old town white coffee, (being occupied wif several cups of ice creams and a jar of white coffee :P) heheh.. finally the video kit is done…

so what to reflect on the overall process? πŸ™‚ first, the video that we make, do shows that in teaching, we sometimes can make the learning fun by experimenting with our own efforts, making the home-made video, adding some humors in the video, and stimulating the students’ curiosity in learning. even though there are many available teaching kits out there, the one that was personally created by the teacher is more fun to watch. πŸ™‚

last but not least, this video making process do show us the way we should appreciate our peers and friends who was there for us, in term for their time and support. here, i want to personally thank all my groupmates; faustina, faizal and jaa for giving their 120% cooperation at the time we are finishing the video kit. u guys rocks.. πŸ™‚Β 

video kit — the planning stage..

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as we have to produced a video kit to be integrated and used in the classroom, my brains, both left and right starts to work. after days of thinking, and several cups of hot nescafe, an idea finally come to me.. πŸ™‚ .. an idea which tells me to make a video about butterfly.. in which, in par with the theme that we as group chose; individual differences :). as i had chosen the butterfly as my main idea for the video, its time for me to capture some of the beautiful pictures of butterfly around me…. πŸ™‚

the butterfly eggs made from clay… heheh… home and hand made πŸ™‚